Does Virginia have caucus or primary?

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There are only 10 states that use the caucus system, these statesare Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada,North Dakota, Wyoming and Iowa. Virginia uses primary for electionpurposes.

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because she was the first girl born in the united states. she was born in virginia and they named it after her

Virginia Dare was the first English child born in America; I believe Virginia was already named after their virgin queen, and they named Virginia(girl) was named after the place.

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The Virginia Plan is the proposal of the big states on how government should be. The legislature would be bicameral (it would have two houses). The number of representatives would be determined by state population, which would benefit the big states. The New Jersey Plan was proposed by the small states. The legislature would be unicameral (it would have one house). Each state would have the same number of representatives, which would benefit the small states. The Great Compromise was the compromise of the small and big states. The legislature would be bicameral. Having one house have equal representatives for each state, and the other would have the number of representatives based on the state population.