What religion does Onur Saylak follow?

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Maigret is a lapsed Catholic. In a number of his stories (Maigret Goes Home, Maigret and the Altar Boy) he recalls his experiences as an altar boy serving morning Mass.

Both Elizabeth I and James I were Protestant Christians, Church of England to be precise. Since the monarch was and is the head of the church, he or she had to be Anglican. However, the monarch before Elizabeth, her sister Mary I, was Roman Catholic. James was also James VI of Scotland, and the monarch immediately before him was his mother Mary Queen of Scots who was also Catholic.

Of course the monarchs of other countries belonged to other religions: the Kings of France and Spain were Roman Catholics, the King of Sweden was Lutheran, the King of Russia was Russian Orthodox, the Sultan of Turkey was a Muslim, as was the Moghul Emperor of India, and the Shogun of Japan was Neo-Confucian.