What is the role of a poet in the society?

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Just as with car seat belts, there was auto producer reluctance about making airbags standards equipment on automobiles. The main complaint for safety measures were that they would hurt the consumer as the price of a new car would of course rise.
The other factor with seat belts was that consumers, despite its clear safety benefits, were often not wearing them. Enough so that laws had to be passed to force drivers and passengers to wear them.

Once the cost hurdle argument about airbags was done, there of course was no problem about "compliance" as the airbags were an automatic safety device.

The installation of airbags has certainly reduced injuries and prevented many deaths when there is a car crash.

Specificity for learning sport skills involves performing a varietyof closely related movements. Rather than practicing and perfectingany single skill or movement only, specificity of skill learningmeans that athletes must be diverse

Athletes are good role models because they can be examples of best practice or world class performance. They may illustrate dedication, determination , skill , technique or courage. They may serve as examples of success if they are from minority groups. Some have sculpted their bodies into beautiful shapes or developed powerful muscles or become efficent,lean running machines.

He was important because he was a Greek god. He is the leader of the Gods and He also was the one who made Cronus the Titan regurgitate his brothers and sisters (Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera)

Very much like they do in democracies. They work within the party system, which is a process called paying your dues. They perform menial jobs, gain favor and are advanced to a new and more challengeing position, party offices got them advancement to new positions. In a democracy the prize is the presidency, in a communist state it is the office of Party Secretary. In either political system, the goal is to obtain and to retain power. Stalin achieved it by terror, Nixon retained his position by employing criminally covert intelligence activities on his potential opponents. Ideologies may have vast differences, but politicians seem to employ similar methos.