What does the Bible say about the devil owning us before you were comited to god?

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The bible says that before we come to know Him through Christ, we are all slaves to the Father of Lies, Satan himself. In order to be made free of this, Jesus Christ had to come and die for our sins. Once He did that, and if we accept His free gift of salvation, we are no longer slaves to the devil but instead sons and daughters of God.

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It depends. Teaching about the Bible such as in a comparative religion or comparative literature course is perfectly legal. However teaching the Bible itself is illegal per Abington Township School District v. Schempp (consolidated with Murray v. Curlett), 374 U.S. 203 (1963) which established a three part litmus test: sponsorship, financial support, and active involvement of the government in religious activity.

In the book of I Kings 17:1-7, Elijah is told by God to go to a certain place and he would be fed by ravens. God instructed the ravens to bring food to Elijah.

No, this is a common mistake stemming from the the gifts of gold, myrr, and frankinsense. The wisemen or magi were astronomers, astrologists, and probably alchemists. There were likely way more than three. We also do not know their names.

the undertaker believes in god, hed like to tell everyone else to lay off the questions and no he is not part of the illimunati and yes hes aware of that people think he is well hes not lol

Simplistically speaking it covers the time from creation (unknown event/ refer to science) to the time of moses birth which occurs in the 2nd bible chapter Exodus. Moses birth regarded between 1500 -1300BC. The time span Genesis was written is of course under much debate. Judging by style of prose, some say from 1200 - 900BC, while others put it from the date of Creation in 4004BC (Ussher) to the Exodus in 1446BC (Ussher).

  • I- The first gospels
  • II- Later gospels
  • III- Historicity of the canonical gospels
  • IV- Canonical gospels
    • (i) Origin of the canonical gospels
      • Dating
      • Location
      • Oral tradition
    • (ii) Content of the gospels
    • (iii) Gospel Genre
  • V- Non-canonical gospels
    • Gospel of the Hebrews
    • Gospel of Thomas
    • Gospel of Peter
    • Gospel of Judas

There are too many stories that contain jealousy to COUNT in the Bible. This is due to the nature of humans to want what they cannot have. Even in the Bible, no one is perfect, therefore they succumb to humanity, and humans cannot help but sometimes be overcome by the seven deadly sins: lust, envy (jealousy), gluttony, sloth, wrath, pride, and greed.