Lump on your neck what can it be?

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possibly an swollen lymph nodepossibly an swollen lymph node

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Lips (closed mouth) - tenderness, love
Lips (open mouth) - passion, desire
Neck - passion, lust. This is definitely an "I want you" kiss. Forehead - gentleness, comfort, care, may be non-romantic (I kiss my friends on their foreheads all the time)
Ear - playfulness, somewhat sexual but not overly so
Nose - playfulness, fun. I see this kind of kiss most often with couples who have been together a long time and are very comfortable with each other.

you have to start by juggling with the ball on your foot, knee, or head. Then eventually you flick the ball up in the air (a couple inches above you head). Then you try and catch/settle the ball with your neck. Simple technique but hard trick.